Why do you behavethink, and feel as you do?

Psychology is the science focused on answering this question.

At Mindful Publications we apply psychology to life. . . your life.

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As a Writer. . .

Dr. Michael Wiederman has published more than 200 articles, chapters, and books [Click Here], including the articles "Why It's So Hard to be Happy" and "Mortal Thoughts," both published in Scientific American Mind.  His most recent books include Study Less, Learn More: The Complete Guide for Busy Students and Transcending the Personality Disordered Parent: Psychological and Spiritual Tactics.  Dr. Wiederman was one of a small set of psychologists answering reader questions at the site "Ask the Psychologist."   Across all of his work, the goal is to convey psychology in ways that are accessible and useful.

As a Speaker. . .

Dr. Wiederman has given more than 1000 presentations to various groups including students, health professionals, teachers and childcare providers, as well the general public.   His lively delivery, sense of humor, and extensive knowledge of psychology have resulted in glowing evaluations from audiences of all types.   How can he educate (and entertain) your group or organization?

As a Personal Coach. . .

Dr. Wiederman is committed to providing the missing ingredients that have kept you from success.   A personal coach is not a counselor or therapist, but rather a trained professional who can offer confidential advice, feedback, and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Do You Have the Answers?

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