Dating & Relationship Coaching

From his very first counseling client during graduate training, Michael Wiederman has worked with individuals to find love, build healthy relationships, and overcome effects of past relationships. When he found himself single again in his 30s, Dr. Wiederman founded the group Palmetto Singles in Columbia, SC. Offering social mixers and speed dating sessions, Palmetto Singles had more than 1,000 registered members within months of start up.   Could you use a coach to help you through bumps in the road to finding a fulfilling relationship?

What does a dating coach provide?

A dating coach is not a counselor, but rather a professional who can offer valuable feedback and guidance regarding problems that might be keeping you from meeting the right people. It's rare to receive honest, direct feedback about the impressions we make on others. People either already know us, and so they have lost objectivity, or they want to be polite and may not speak their minds. So one valuable service of a dating coach is to provide honest yet supportive feedback regarding whatever aspects of self-presentation might be of concern.

Dr. Wiederman also offers advice on overcoming shyness, improving social skills, evaluating prospective dates, and handling sticky dating dilemmas. Do you have an online profile, or plan to create one? Dr. Wiederman will critique your profile or write one for you based on your individuality. In either case, Dr. Wiederman will explain the rationale behind his recommendations, ensuring that you have a unique and effective profile. Do you respond to other peoples' online profiles? First impressions are important, and determine whether the person on the other end of the Internet will even respond. Dr. Wiederman will help you construct the initial response letter that you can then use as a template, modifying it accordingly for each individual case. Any other issues with which you might like help? Simply contact Michael Wiederman to find out whether he might be the professional dating coach for you.

Examples of coaching services include:

  • Feedback regarding personal appearance and initial impressions

  • Help overcoming shyness and social anxiety

  • Direction in improving communication and social skills

  • Advice regarding attraction and relationship dynamics

  • Strategies to overcome effects of past relationships

  • Answers to your dating and sexuality questions

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